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Wilting Pothos at Work, HELP!
Hi, we have these walls at work with all these pothos and recently we repotted them with soil (with perlite). They seem like they’re about to either away, help! I think the soil is still moist and they’re about 12’ away from an east facing window. I decided to have them outside once a week now so that the soil can dry up. Plus, I live in LA so the heat is intense! Someone please help me save these babies!
12ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
When you all replanted, how much disturbance was done to the rootbases? Was ALL the old soil shaken away to reveal the roots?

Considering the heat out there, how much water have You given?
When did you repot? They could be in shock from replanting but they should bounce back. I would make sure the soil dries out the top couple of inches before watering again.
Hi @JustPlainDee and @MeganO, thanks for responding! Well they were repotted three weeks ago with the soil that my coworker bought. But, unfortunately we realized she bought the wrong soil cause there was no perlite so I think that’s why the plants are overwatered, it felt like it was not draining with this particular soil. I had to repot them again last week with perlite in their soil and we cleaned out the roots.
@JustPlainDee we did have a schedule before repotting, it was once a week and maybe 2 cups of water for these 6” plants. We did clean out the roots the first time we repotted, the roots were healthy. But, I’m wondering if the soil that was repotted into was the problem
Ohkay, FirstOfAll, two(2) cups of water weekly for a 6" container/pot of an Epipremnum/Pothos plant is too much water for the roots... UNLESS you're absolutely certain that you're performing a finger test of the soil before each WATERing (I know LA can get hot and dry)...if the soil is not bone-dry within a week, trust Me that's too frequent.

Definitely sorry that you're experiencing this, been there and I know the heartache.
I DO agree with You, @ririkim, that using regular potting soil without amendments to assist with draining causes a big problem for your plantbabies. But, another common mistake with repotting that contributes to PLANT SHOCK is completely clearing away all old soil from the roots. If you all did this, you essentially stirred your plant(s) from their comfort blanket. If You can get to a gardening supply store, buy yourself some #SuperThrive (it's.a small bottle, no bigger than your hand) and add a bit into your soil near the rootbase to help settle the rootsystem down. Relocate your plant(s) to a cool, moderately light area for about two(2) weeks to allow it to recover and begin rebounding.

** I usually add a banana (or half 🍌 depending on the plant size) when I pot-up to keep them from experiencing shock.

Just a little TLC aaaaand patience is needed now but your plantbabies can be saved.

💚🍃 Good Luck! 🍃💚
@JustPlainDee thank you so much! I’m gonna have to get superthrive and see how it goes! The banana technique is really interesting, I might have to look into that as well. Thank you so much and I’ll let you know how it goes!
You are quite welcome, @ririkim ... I will be awaiting your update 👌🏾

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