Posted 2w ago by @hayleighshost

HELP!! Burned plant
soooo. my friend lit a candle which was placed right under my poor baby plant. and now there is a burn on its leaf!! is there anyway to get rid of it ?? if so PLEASE tell me step by step if you can! it’s totally fine if not, THANK YOU 😊
Hi, I’m sorry i can’t help you with that, I had a similar experience and thought I should share. I used to place one of my plants right in front of a sliding door, next to it there’s a heater… my roommate moved my plant, placed it right in front of the heater… later on turned the heater on… 🥲 sadly half of my baby turned black and burnt. The leaves dried out a couple days after and fell, gladly I could save a couple from where there was no burns! Maybe you can try propagating or just keep taking care of it and see what happens in the following days. Good luck 🪴
@RootedHardpine ok!! thank you very much 🌿

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