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Send help - having yellow leaves and nightmares

So, I’ve been meaning to post about this for awhile but have avoided it. But last night I had a dream all my plants in the bay window turned yellow and I’m sure it’s because I’m hanging on to the anxiety of these two having issues.

Miley (Swiss cheese vine) and Clairy (monstera) are both just having some ~struggles.~ What do you say, #GregGang - humidity issue? Are they separate issues since the leaves are doing different things?

I check with a moisture meter when Greg says it’s time to water. I water when it’s at 30% throughout. There is drainage on these pots. I use tap water that has been sitting for a couple of days. Clairy has been somewhat recently repotted because I thought the other pot was causing issues with not drying out evenly, but the yellowing has gotten worse. When I repotted I used tropical soil with added perlite and orchid bark. I didn’t pot Miley, Jungle House (store) did, and I’m sure they probably used tropical soil and they topped with leca.
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0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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For my Swiss cheese vine, I’ve put her on a pebble tray and that has helped her immensely. When I first got her, she shed loads of yellow leaves and I was massively worried, but I think it was from being in a room that was too cold. I’d try a warmer spot if you can, and pebble tray!
I let my monstera dry out all the way before watering and it has done really well. Maybe try letting yours dry a bit more?
Wondering about their root bases...root rot? Maybe too much watering? Might need a transplant with fresh soil? Possibly even too much direct light...
Do not put your Ariel roots in water @kaleena. I did so after someone on Greg suggested it for faster growth and got root rot. It was actually on the root that I put in water. Hope mine recovers. Good luck
@Nallon those are easy enough things to try! I also worry about them getting cold next to the window in Kansas winter weather.
@simplepleasure sounds good! I think 30% or less throughout is considered dry but I can def wait until it goes down a little future. I would def snooze if it’s 30% or over.
@SuaveDeerfern which one? The monstera was just re-potted and is in new soil. I think I’ve only watered it once since. Probably every 10-14 days? The church window I have consideeed taking out and looking at the roots since I wasn’t the one that potted it.
@Teapott73 help me out friend - where do you see aerial roots?
@RJG where you at fam?
@kaleena getting married in 10 days ‼️‼️ i am around I promise 😊

Miley looks mostly healthy so I wouldn't be too too concerned. is the new growth good?

with Clairy you seem to be doing everything right. And agree with the recommendations above!
@RJG do you have IG and will you be posting photos??? Eeek so happy for you!! Thank you for the affirming thoughts. Maybe it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be. And yes, new growth on Miley looks okay!
I do have an IG but i don't really use it. I'm sure there will be some photos because there will be plants there obviously
@Kaleigholiver this is how mine is doing right now. 😬😬
@kaleena at least we’re all in it togetherπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
@Kaleigholiver not me doing my High School Musical dance. πŸ˜‚