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Hey, all! Does anyone know why this leaf on my #birkin is turning brown? I’ve had good luck with it up until now with lots of new growth. I use a moisture meter to determine when to water.
#Philodendron #birkinlove
1ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Best Answer
If it’s just that one leaf I’d snip it off and keep an eye on the plant. Could be from your watering schedule. Start by letting the soil dry out before you water again
Mine is also doing this and I read it’s from overwatering but I know for s fact I don’t overwater it. I let my plants completely dry out befor watering
Inwas wondering if it was a combo of effects like humidity/dampness vs water in soil & heat since we’ve had temps hovering around 100 all month …
Mine is doing this too. It’s currently living on my NE front porch.
@Vinxy2 Mine is near a window in my AC controlled office. The humidity stays between 50-70%, but where I am the temp won’t get below 75F for a while. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it had that effect.

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