Posted 3w ago by @Tonikrising

Can anyone help identify this plant please
Also when do you guys recommend i water it
@Tonikrising it’s a Cape Province pygmyweed.
@Tonikrising BTW Welcome to Greg!

Here is what I found on Google:

It is best to deeply water this perennial, succulent plant occasionally and allow the soil to dry completely before watering again.

Soil & Transplanting

Like most succulents, Cape Province Pygmy Weed likes sharply draining soil.

The best time to repot London Pride is when the weather is warm.

Wait until the soil surrounding the plant is completely dry and then remove it from the soil and brush any loose soil from the roots before replanting into the fresh succulent mix.
Looks like a calico kitten
Just a guess I’m probably wrong
Welcome to Greg @Tonikrising

I agree with @KikiGoldblatt it's a Cape Province pygmyweed.
Happy growing 🌱🌿

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