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My purple heart’s step broke off. Is it salvageable?
I have been somewhat rehabilitating this tradescantia pallida “purple hearts” plant. I got a grow light to bring back its purple color. I’ve been clipping its vines to the wall and supporting its growth.

Yesterday its stem broke off in an accident. Is the stem salvageable? I stuck it in some water to try to propagate it, but any other advice would be appreciated!

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6” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 hours ago
Best Answer
You can put in a glass of water and the roots will grow naturally from there. If there are enough roots, you can put it back in the soil.
Water or just stick back in the dirt!
@Boymom-plantmom are either of those options riskier than the other?
This is our #PurpleHeart which is standing in a glass of water for a long time now
@Jeroen thanks for the advice and photo reference! That’s really cool. How long would you estimate that took? 😮

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