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Is it too much water?
This beauty is new to my@plant family and I wonder if I’m giving it too much water. The app says to give it 1.3 liters however, after just a few hundred ml it’s already draining the water out. Shall I just continue watering till I’ve given it 1.3l or is the draining a sign that it has enough? FYI it’s in the shade, no direct sunlight but filtered and doing well so far. #NeverNeverCtenanthe
For plants like this I like to put the drainage pot in a saucer or if the decorative pot is large enough to hold the recommended amount of water in it, I’ll pour in the water and allow the plant to sit in the water and soak up what it needs! If you have drainage holes the plant will drain water out regardless after a certain amount but this doesn’t always mean the plant has gotten all the water it needs in my experience. I let my plants sit in the water for around 30mins depending on the size of plant so the roots soak up why they need and if there’s still extra water left then I know the plant wasn’t as thirsty as Greg recommended it might typically be. 🥰
@RJG send help 😅 I think I got the info right but I’m bad for skipping things.

Greg Rreminders are a guideline built by an AI, it’s not the same as wiggling your fingers in the soil 😊 if Greg says to water, check that the soil is dry up to around your second knuckle in a pot that size, if it’s still damp then hit snooze. I’m pretty sure this also helps Greg learn.

For the plant itself and watering, I usually water in the planter (or convenient large container) until water comes out of the bottom and leave them sit in about 2-4cm of water for an hour or so then empty any excess water. If it’s a new plant I leave them until the morning to empty the planter because I don’t know the condition of the media in the pot.
Welcome to finicky Calathea. 😆 They sure are pretty, but drama queens.
@HpflHeart hahaha very accurate 😂