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Brand new!
#Sedum I pretty much just bought this plant 2 weeks ago and know very little about it, even with a good amount of research put into it! Is there any rules and tips or tricks that you could provide for keeping this mossy succulent healthy?
5” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
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@Blananaba be careful watering it since you have no drainage. They can tolerate very dry periods.

Gold moss Stonecrop has low water needs is drought tolerant handling difficult conditions and lives through brief dry periods of soil moisture. It does not require frequent feeding or watering, as it is a self-fertile plant.

The Goldmoss Sedum plant tolerates varying temperatures, and why it grows in areas many cannot. It grows best in full sun to partial sun areas and tolerates more sunlight than many other plants.
@KikiGoldblatt I guess that means I should put it into a draining pot and out of the terrarium asap then! Why would they sell it like this? Oh well, big score on finding the terrarium!
When planting plants it’s recommended to have a pot with drainage, so the pot doesn’t hold the water and end up with root rot or something like that. With the little amount of water you probably will be watering it, I doubt you will have any issues.
Do they enjoy humidity at all or is that a no-no?
I know nothing about this plant but just want to say it’s beautiful 😍

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