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I’m probably showing how dumb I am but what is pothoswater?
Ohh I know this one. So a golden pothos is a plant that can be completely submerged under water with just the roots and it will grow. So get one of these plants and change the water every week and the water at the end of the week that your pothos was soaking up is pothos water. Make sure to put it in a large thing of water with no soil because they soak up water fast in soil.
The pothos water has rooting hormones in it that were excreted by the growing pothos roots. If you use this water to prop or just water other plants it helps them grow too! Check out #sciencewithgreg and #pothoswater posts. @kscape has some great posts explaining all the science. πŸ˜‰πŸ₯°
Thank you for showing interest in #PothosWater and you are NOT dumb! 😊

In simple terms, #PothosWater is the water that holds your Pothos cuttings when water propagating. Pothos water is filled with nutrients that can be used to help your plants!

I made tons of posts regarding the science behind a cost-effective, easy way to propagate cuttings at home (with Pothos!):

What is Pothos Water? πŸ’§

Different Types of Pothos Water? πŸ’§

Save Your Pothos Water ❗️
@SolidKaramu it really does work. I propagating several different thinks right now.

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