Posted 1M ago by @HeavenlyNapaea

My plant doesn't look healthy. Any tips?

3ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
I'm in the same boat with this one. So leggy. Hasn't gotten enough sun I believe and most likely we would have to chop them off and start again but I don't want to do that haha. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will respond and help us!
The profile for your Jade plant says it is 3 feet to light. You probably need to move closer to your window.
Hey there! I can’t totally tell by photos whether your jade is just wrinkly or if that’s also some grey/white mold?

If you’re noticing diseases like mold, you may be able to treat it, here’s some links to different diseases:,yellow%2Dbrown%20and%20eventually%20black.
But a general overview is the following:
- Isolate infected plants!! disease can spread quickly and to all types of plants.
POTENTIAL CAUSES: low air circulation and damp/humid conditions with little sunlight

- Wipe the leaves off with wet rag or qtip, then dry the succulent off

- Use fungicidal sprays (treatments aren’t one size fits all unfortunately, so you may need to try different things, but you can buy copper fungicidal sprays at the store)

Also, if you notice lots of wrinkling in the leaves, that means it’s thirsty! Be sure to deeply water the plant until the water starts draining out the bottom and make sure it thoroughly drains. Put it somewhere with good sun and air circulation to avoid mold. Try not to get water on the leaves too! 🫢🌱