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What kind of bug is this?

Found this bug on my Aglaonema this morning. I don’t see any more anywhere, but I’m not sure what it is. It was moving fast. #PestControl #pestID #Aglaonema #aglaonemapictumtricolor #help #helpneeded
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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It really looks like a young thrip. If it was moving fast, I think this is the case. They lay their eggs inside the leaf, so frequent treatments will be needed once they hatch. insecticidal soap works and is a less harmful option. Thrips are hard to get rid of, so using systemic granules will be really helpful if you’re ok with harsher pesticides indoors. Isolate that plant and keep it away from others while you treat it so they don’t spread to your other plants. Preferably in a clear ziplock bag. Good luck! You can do it! 🀞
It might be a mealy bug, check the underside of the leaves too. If you have an insecticidal soap you can treat it proactively and probably separate it from your other plants. Be sure to check and treat all your plants as a precaution. Good luck!
Possibly mealy bug if it looks like a bit of cotton.
@Momof83ans thanks. I’ve never had mealy bugs on plants before. I’ve seen a ton of pictures, but I’m still not sure. All plants are going outside for a bath and a neem oil spray today! 😩 just what I wanted to do.
@nellz4estfairyz remember to keep them out of the sun if you spray with neem oil. You sit in the sun. πŸ€—
@Momof83ans thank you. Everyone is in the shade, drying. But they are loving the special treatment and being outside. I have a very dark house it seems, so they are sucking up the sunlight and the fresh air.
@nellz4estfairyz hopefully gets rid of the bugs! One other thing (I haven’t done it myself) but wipe down the plant area inside, shelves, walls etc. in case you have lurkers waiting to hop back on your plants. It might be extra but I can tell you I had spider mites and I am still freaked out by that experience.
@Momof83ans oh yes, good idea. I should do that. Thank you!
@SilkenGrasspea oh good to know! I took all my downstairss plants outside and washed with water and sprayed with rubbing alcohol water soap solution and then later neem oil spray. And didn’t see ANY other signs of insects. But if they are hiding inside the leaves that’s worrisome! Are there any other ways to tell if the plant has thripes?
@nellz4estfairyz That’s good! Just continue to do that every week or so if the plant doesn’t seem bothered by it for maybe a month and keep your plant isolated. If any part of the leaf looks sickly, or if you see small dots or stripes of yellow on the leaves, that could be a sign too.
@SilkenGrasspea thank you for your help!
Spray some neem oil on the leaves pests tend to be so anoying and I spray all my plants when if first get them hope this helped
@Luna978 yes, me too! Every one gets a bath. And treatments when they arrive! 😁 I saw another one of these same bugs on an outdoor Aglaonema yesterday. I think they are either something just commonly found in my area (possibly still thrips) or MAYBE from a hanging basket I got from Mother’s Day. Those plants always look healthy when you get them and then a month later, covered in bugs!!!!!!