Posted 2w ago by @Kiara_s

Can anyone tell me which Philodendron this is?
#PlantsMakePeopleHappy #Philodendron
It was labeled as “other”.
Best Answer
This looks like an 'Imperial Red'
looks like a mccolley’s finale!
or an imperial red! 🤩
Def a Prince of Orange! If that redish leaf turns to its normal color as it hardened off its def a prince of orange
Ok so just used and it’s 97% sure it’s a Blushing Philodendron isn’t prince of orange usually more neon though? or is it just the smaller, younger ones?
@sydfog yeah actually on second thought it might be a imperial red! My phone brightness was down so I thought it was just dark cuz of that 😂😂
Thanks everyone for your answers and helpIng a new plantmom out! I believe it is indeed a Philodendron Imperial red, also known as Blushing Philodendron. ❤️

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