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Is this a good plant to keep in water

This is my first syngonium so I don’t know if I should leave it or repot it #Syngonium
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
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It’ll grow, but more than likely won’t get as big as it could:) if you do leave it in water, be sure to change it out a couple times a week just like you would any other water propagation.
@S.ham13 I had a feeling.. thanks
@PeachyParadise No problem ☺️ It’s gorgeous btw!!!
@S.ham13 thank you so much !!! I’m new to this so she’s one of first’s
@PeachyParadise Of course! Awesome choice! I just got my first Milk Confetti Syngonium and I’m super excited!!! I still have to add it to my oasis! Hopefully we’ll be able to keep them happy πŸ˜†
I have two of these. One in soil and one in water. For the one is water I yanked her out of the soil, cut all her roots off, and put her in water with an aerator and super thrive. I change the water once every 10 days (give or take) and she’s doing great! I get lots of new growth all the time. BUT it is true, she’s just not as big as my one in soil. So you have to figure out what you want more, easy or big.
@Azplantchic thank you!! She came in water so I’ll leave her unless she stops doing good
@PeachyParadise oh geez πŸ˜‚ I didn’t realize that or I wouldn’t have told ya that long story. Enjoy your gorgeous plant. 🌱
Almost all my syngoniums I planted in dirt actually potting mix. Seems like they sprouted up overnight. I have many. I have three pots full, and I started a propagation for another one in water
I don’t know my personal preference is potting mix so Water I don’t have any place for him. I’m always afraid I’ll knock them over.
I like them, but they take up a lot of room
My other one