Posted 9M ago by @codymichele

hi my poor plant is not doing well. the leaves are drying and the stems are super hard. it’s a young plant and might just be done for? please any advice is appreciated :)
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
Sweet potato vines are annuals when kept outdoors, and don’t tolerate cold weather well, even when inside. Make sure she’s not getting too cold at night by the window, not getting hit by any cold drafts, and is still getting adequate light.
@Mori omg thank you so much
@codymichele I just hope it helps! 🥰
It doesn’t look like it’s getting enough light and water. Mine is in full sun outdoors and needs water almost daily, definitely every other day. Your plant card says it’s 2 feet from light. Is this the case??

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