Posted 2w ago by @GleefulViszsla

Do these plants need repotting? If so, what time of year.
0ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago

Most plants are best repotted when they display new growth in spring, but Christmas cactus repotting should be done after blooming ends and the flowers have wilted in late winter or early spring. Never attempt to repot the plant while it is actively blooming.
@GleefulViszsla I think your cactus is an actual Christmas cactus not the false Christmas cactus. The false have much sharper points not as rounded. Am I correct in this @sarahsalith?

Still same care, just thought you would like to knowπŸ˜‰
@OKIEgrnthmb It does look like a legit Christmas Cactus. I have 2 false christmas cacti and they have the sharp point edges :)
@rynroxx that's what I was thinking, but I don't have the actual Christmas cactus. I do however have a false and 2 easter cactus!! And it looks different from them. Thanks for the confirmation!!
@OKIEgrnthmb I totally agree! Good eye, Amber!οΏΌ

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