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Alright Greggers I really need your input on grow lights.
I’ve never used grow lights before and what I know is just what I can find by google. I’m planning out my plant placement in the new apartment and most are going to be on various shelves. Some places are really lacking in light so I’m going to use grow lights. I want to avoid showing cords as much as possible (I’d also like to avoid a bunch of lamps everywhere) and I’m really interested in LED strips. The problem I’m running into is I cannot figure out how to measure how much light I need or the best way to mount lighting on the tops of shelves (this would only matter for the top most shelf on organizers). You are a knowledgeable lot. What do I need to be looking for? How can I tell if I’m giving my plants enough light? What are some tips and tricks for placing/mounting lights? #sendhelp #Greggers #GrowLights #noob #TipsandTricks
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Theres a video by Nick Alexander on YouTube about grow lights and how to utilise regular LED lights in your space that might be helpful! He talks about light spectra and the best sort of light needed for plants in detail that's easy to understand from a layman's perspective!
It depends on your setup. My plants main light source are my grow lights.

If you have shelves or can hang, I'd recommend the GE tube light to hang:

I bought four 5 socket flexible lamps at Walmart and put GE full spectrum lights in them. I have them pointed for plants on my bookcases and my 5 foot BOP.

GE Full Spectrum Light Bulbs:

5 socket flexible lamp:

I have two of tripods for plant stands and even my big boys like them including my "fickle" leaf figs. They also have a clip version you can clip anywhere.
@incognico Thank you!! I’ve read a bunch of stuff lately but nothing is really going into detail so I can figure out what I actually need. I’ll definitely give this a watch.
@AwesomePlants a stand like this is my backup plan. I’m putting up some floating shelves in my office/bedroom space that will need supplemental light but the shelves in the living room will rely entirely on grow lights. That’s why I’m trying to understand them a bit better. I want to make sure I’m getting what my plants need in a form that’s closer to minimalist but πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
Check out the halo type plant lights on Amazon. I have a lot of them. You do have a cord to deal with, but the lights are full spectrum (very important) and they have timers. They also don’t put out as much heat as many plant lights - important for plants on a shelf.
i bought the grow lights that @AwesomePlants recommended and they are AMAZING! my fiddle leaf fig has been growing non stop and my Kenyan violet is blooming! i got the lamp from walmart for like $20. i also recommended the barrina led grow lights from amazon. they are also amazing.
@annapop they all look so happy! I’ll definitely keep these in mind.
I am doing two things (with no knowledge of what is going to like which spot). I am putting grow lights that are full spectrum in light fixtures around the house where I know plants can/will gather and I just put a bunch of those LED strips in a few spots. I've used them for veggies before and they worked well. That said, I hate the red and blue light they emit so I put them places I could have them on and not see them all the time.
Also, I am no help on what color light on what frequency for how long. My plan is to get things set up, then when winter comes I can rearrange based on how everyone is looking.
Omg, sorry to comment so many times 🀦🏽 ALSO you could put low light plants on the top shelf to avoid needing a light on top!
@GiftedRainbow The strips may be better for decor, but ultimately you want what's best for your plants. I highly recommend the full spectrum GE lights.
@annapop They are thriving!!! Those GE lights are AWESOME!
Add the #TipsandTricks tag to your post! This is where we tend to keep the β€œinformative” posts :)
@kscape done! Thank you for the advice.
I use bulbs that are $7 for 2 and got this light for like $22, both on amazon. It has red, blue, or full spectrum. 8 or 10 brightness levels. And a timer.

I use a free app called Lux that measures either Lux or Foot Candles. Whether it's accurate or not is really not important to me, just use it to compare windows/locations relative brightness. Since these are cheaper lights, I can keep my plants within 1ft. But you may want to acclimate first to avoid scorching your babies!
@incognico I finally got to watch this video and it was so useful! Also he’s kinda hilarious. This has really helped me understand grow lights. Thank you thank you thank you!
I'm so glad it was helpful!! It's also beneficial to know what lights can be used without splashing on some of the more expensive grow lights imo.
@incognico yes! I feel so much more comfortable making a decision.

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