Posted 1Y ago by @privvgrayson

keeps falling over :/

is that normal ? idk what to do #SucculentSquad #JellyBeans
5ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Ohh. If it is 5 feet from a north window and you are in the US, that plant isn't getting enough sun. It needs to be in a sunny windowsill.
But wait- is it outside? Is it in constant shade?
Yeah your plant card is a bit confusing... πŸ€” Looks like it wants more sun but it also looks like it could be over watered... If it's a new cutting and it's falling over, it could just be that it hasn't developed any roots yet. You wanna make sure you're not watering much when they're at this stage as they can't absorb much moisture yet and are much more susceptible to rot. πŸ–€
@sarahsalith its outside with about 5 ft from my window it gets direct sunlight :o
@WickedValkyrie it gets a lot of sun where it’s at, but overwatering sounds right πŸ₯Ί i’ll wait longer between waterings ! should i bottom water or water from the top ?
I bottom water mine, personally. And don't be afraid to let the soil dry out between waterings! These guys store lots of water in their "jelly beans" so they're pretty drought tolerant. (: Keep an eye on the weather too. Gaia can definitely have a hand in overwatering if you're not careful. Lol
@privvgrayson great advice from everyone. It definitely needs more sun. All my succulents get direct sunlight from a southwestern window sill. It’s does look a bit overwatered what do you think @vvvelo?
It seems like overwatering and could be a draft…. Also did you change it location? Cuz this is what my jelly bean likes to do when I move it to new spot.
@vvvelo it’s been in the same spot since i brought it home, it’s outside facing north. should i wait longer between waterings ? thanks for your help !!
@KikiGoldblatt should i move it to the side of my house instead ? it’s in the front north facing
@WickedValkyrie ah it seems the general consensus is i’m overwatering the poor guy. tysm i’ll have to check the soil all the way through before it’s next water
@privvgrayson I would dig it out of that soil. And repot it into new dry soil. Btw Is it succulents soil? I would also stopped watering for at least 10 days.
@vvvelo it’s succulent soil. *sigh* i’ll repot him today, i hope he survives the transfer ! tysm for all your help πŸ™πŸ½
@privvgrayson you can also dig it out and inspect the roots. Then keep it into dry , bright (no direct sunlight) spot for at least 3 days. After 3 days repot it into new dry soil. And then water it in 7 days. But just a lil bit of water. Make sure that the pot has drainage holes.
@vvvelo if i keep it inside under my grow light where my propagations are would that be ok ?
@privvgrayson yeah. It doesn’t need a lot of light at this moment. Just don’t keep it in the dark place. This is it. I would also wash out all dirt around the roots to see how the plant actually looks like by the roots, and how the roots are doing.
@vvvelo how would u recommend washing off the roots ? they look so fragile i’m nervous
@privvgrayson as for me this part looks dead already
@vvvelo is there any part i should keep or just start my search for a new jelly ?
@privvgrayson I would cut it to the level on the picture. And remove every dead leaf that I marked in green.
@vvvelo is this okay ?
@privvgrayson oh that was too much but it is ok. Keep it dry for 5 days then put it on top of a dry soil.