Posted 2w ago by @JazzyLentil

Brown leaf
Ive had this plant for about 3 weeks at work and in the last couple days I've noticed the one leaf changing. Just wondering if its normal and I should trim it off or if I'm doing something wrong.
I guess it's "normal" for me. But Calatheas and I don't get along. πŸ˜–

If you edit your post to include #CalatheaCrew, you'll reach over 100 folks who are doing a better job with their Calatheas than I am.

Usually, it's lack of humidity or inconsistent watering ... or pests.

But welcome to Greg, Kristen! You're in the right place for help!
The rest of the plant looks healthy with adequate drainage, it could just be that, that leafs life cycle is over. Definitely cut it, close to the base.

If any other leaves start to turn, it could be a watering issue but from looking at that picture to me it looks more like that leaf is done 😊

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