Posted 1M ago by @Bitterswet

Signs of wilting? Or signs of growth?
Im not sure if my plant is growing more or it’s managing. To me, it doesn’t seem like it’s growing or living. Any one got any ideas?
@Bitterswet it looks like it’s wilting.

Cilantro plant wilting – When the whole plant wilts, it's usually caused by under watering, but can be from overwatering too. Wilting could also happen when it's too hot for them.
I keep cilantro semi dry, but moist.

I take a spray bottle and directly spray into the soil just to keep that first inch and a half of soil, moist.

Or, you could also take a small watering can and gently water the top of the soil with some water, but do not fully water the plant!! 💕🪴
Oh my gosh I was overwatering! 😱 thank again guys 🤣

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