Posted 1M ago by @BROTHERG

Even though I water the plant once every five days and it...

7ft to light, indirect
2โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hello again, pranjal! I think it would be best to aerate that soil as well. When the soil gets too heavy, it can cause the roots of a plant to start to die.

The leaves look like the soil might be retaining too much water.๏ฟผ

that plant doesn't like a lot of light so East sunlight in the morning is great! ๏ฟผ๏ฟผ
@BROTHERG this plant would greatly benefit from a humidifier! And a water meter to best know when it needs water. I wish you the best on your plant care
@sarahsalith thank you for your suggestions
@CourtlyKingfern thank you
Every five days is probably too often. I have several ags and water most of them every two weeks. If you check the soil with your finger (water meters don't work unless you get an expensive one) and the first two inches are dry, go ahead and water. Otherwise, snooze the reminder in Greg until it's actually time to water.