Posted 5M ago by @user421ec443

The leaves are sorta starting to turn inward? If you look...

2ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Thank you Cecil. Your Peperomia gets enough light (0.46 cm to light, indirect: info from your Oasis). So, the reason is in all probability dehydration.
You will see improvement, but slow and gradual. Don't worry. Good luck, and tag me if you need any other info.
One of my plants is Peperomia, not Watermelon but still a Peperomia.
This looks like it needs more water! My baby rubber plant (also pepperomia) does this when it’s thirsty. Try bottom watering!
Have you tried fertilizing with calmag? Pepperomia tend to do this when they're calcium/magnesium deficient.
Peperomia doesn't need to be fertilized in Winter.
I definitely agree it needs water. As a rule of thumb plants, don't require fertilizers in the winter. However, if additional watering does not correct the issue, you should consider the possibility that your plant is nutrient deficient and fertilize with half strength of whatever you usually use. Plants are like people. Everyone is different with different needs at different times. I take my cues from my plants.
Here are (on the picture) reasons why Peperomia leaves curl inwards and outwards. Nothing there about fertilizing

Peperomia doesn't grow in Winter. If you fertilize in Winter, the plant can get the fertilizer burn. (as a rule of thumb).

When Peperomia is not enough fertilized, the leaves grow smaller, or stop growing at all.

For the above reasons I don't agree with @Stall54Jo about fertilizing in Winter.
Just wanted to share this tidbit of information @user421ec443 @SvelteKingfern . Watermelon peperomia are dormant in the summer. It is ok to fertilize IF it needs it
This is the information from the GREG website. The growing season for Watermelon Peperomia is Spring and early Summer. @user421ec443 Cecil @stall54Jo Joann

If one Watermelon Peperomia SOMETIMES grows in Winter, it doesn't mean than 1000 other Watermelon Peperomias grow in Winter.

Would you please, Cecil, tell us whether your Peperomia is or is not growing right now?
Because if it is not growing, you shouldn't fertilize.

Timing is everything.
@SvelteKingfern it is growing, but slower because I need to repot into a bigger pot in the spring.