Posted 3w ago by @jakewhite333

Plant Identification
My mom (lovingly) calls this her “alien plant” because she has no idea what kind of plant it is. I’ll admit, it is quite unique. Any ideas? #Succulents
I look forward to seeing what it is. It is definitely different from any I’ve ever seen.
Could be a Vera Higgins 🤔 looks pretty similar to mine, just much bigger... @kscape or @vvvelo are the ones to ask tho (:
@WickedValkyrie after a quick Google search, it does appear to be some form of Vera Higgins! Cool!
I somewhat agree with @WickedValkyrie but the leaves on your succulent are thinner than that on a Higgin’s. Looks kind of like a Paraguayense but unsure if they stem and trail like this 🤔 @jakewhite333
@kscape this one looks very much like it too!

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