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My first plant baby is throwing a tantrum
I've been following the watering schedule.... but the top of the dirt looks like it might be growing mold!? And a few leaves are turning yellow.
Any suggestions? I'm thinking she might be ready for a bigger pot with drainage.
2ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 15 hours ago
It's overrated bc there is no drainage. Take it out wash roots and base off gently and cut any and all brown mushy roots and pieces and allow to dry out. If it's a lot of rot then let it dry out completely then repot with something that has drain hole or keep in plastic grow pot and take out whenever you water it
You can pour peroxide on the roots after you cut the rot off and/or put cinnamon on them. It'll prevent fungal infection, promote root growth, and keep pests off
Do not water it after you repot. You'll want to wait about a week bc you drainage roots when you repot and it'll trigger rot. Also when you do start watering baby itm do small amount and slowly work your way to more on it'll trigger the rot bc it's still recovering
Got it! Thanks @KrunchyWrap

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