Posted 5M ago by @user5a51835b

Greg has no clue regarding this one’s identity.. anyone can help? Got it at #thelaundryplantstore
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
It looks like it’s a Cretan brake fern to me!
Looks like a Ribbon Fern. Pteris Cretica “Mayii” perhaps? Likes moist soil but not waterlogged. Bright filtered sun. It’s cute!
Ribbon fern
Thank you both! And, yes, it’s cute, and for 5 $ I just couldn’t leave it there… at the laundry 😜
@MariansOasis it’s definitely this one, you cleared out any doubt☝️🙌
@user5a51835b $5👍 good deal!
I just got Albo Fern. Very similar. I love Albo 🥰
Albo 💚
@MariansOasis going to dive into this fern world💚
Tread carefully, they are finicky! I’ve got a Blue Star which is easy, and a Button fern which is cute but quite a princess 👸
@MariansOasis going to temporarily place it in a glass cookie jar (which I intended to use for an actual terrarium but I’m too scared to create it yet) with some other humidity loving micro ones I got recently… to try and fight the NYC heating system

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