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Dry leaves in plants
I wonder how to tell when it’s just normal for the plant to have dry leaves like this? I know I’ve been watering it carefully, but i’m still kinda bothered. Should I worry with how it looks? 🙁
2ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
It looks fine! I think it’s could just use a little more water and maybe a bigger pot?
@PlantyPlanter the pot is actually quite big enough for it 😅 perhaps yeah, i’ll try to water it more frequently (as im too careful not to drown it) thank you tho ☺️
@drakosmüm no problem!
whoa that is a big succulent :O im no expert but it looks pretty fine to me
Yeah it looks fine to me as well. If the leaves dry up like that it's usually an indicator that it's thirsty, but since it's just the one, I'd be careful with watering more. It's INCREDIBLY easy to over water succs
@WickedValkyrie ughhh i know right? That’s my biggest concern tbh.. this past 2 weeks, it gave away 2 leaves that looked dry. Yet i still stuck to my routine. And this is the 3rd, i got kinda alarmed. Even if the plant looks healthy.
@arden thank you, yep it’s quite large now. Hopefully he’s just fine 🤞😅
Well, if it's been happening regularly, it's might be a good idea to water a bit more, but just increase it a little bit. Honestly tho, it looks great to me. @strawberrymoon what do you think?
Does that pot really have no drainage? 🤔 You may want to update your plant card so we can better help you in the future 😉
@WickedValkyrie oh, it has drainage and it’s a clay pot. I kinda watered it a bit more today, but not really up til it oozes out of the pot holes. I’m still observing my soil’s capacity to retain moisture. (Too daunted losing some succs lately) 😌
I think you're doing great ☺️

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