Posted 1M ago by @BetterCarobtree

Help, she's killing me! Tell her what to do.

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
What’s the issue and let’s see some pictures if you have any.
Yikes. How dry is it?

That plant is not actually a cactus. It's a tropical epiphyte. It needs humidity and it needs bright indirect light and it does not need to dry out… ever. It also hates being in direct light.

Green is good, but that plant has seen better days. οΏΌ
Here are two of mine. They get NO direct light at all. They are sitting on the wall near an east facing window. οΏΌ
@BetterCarobtree Gabriell I have my plants in a self watering type of container that has the string running up to constantly feed water to the plant. I find this very helpful for this plant. They like bright indirect light. They usually bloom around thanksgiving to Christmas but if happy May bloom later as well. Depends on how happy it is with your care.