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I have never repotted or propagated anything, I have a few plants that have roots over growing the pot and some with new babies taking over the pot. I’m super intimidated and afraid to kill all the work I’ve put in. 😅🤦🏻‍♀️😩

Spiderella has a new baby,
Snake has a baby,
Watermelon actually has a twin growing right along with him,
Quiverfull has roots growing out the bottom of the pot they came in,
My monsteras, Fauna and Leif both need a moss pole I think but I have no idea where to start…

Also- How do you even know when a plant needs to be repotted ?? My wandering dude has the entire pot filled and is overflowing but I don’t even know if that’s what they like to do or if it’s slowly choking to death.

Do I even deserve to be a plant mom if I don’t know these things!? 😭

Any and all help would be so lovely.
You wanna do plant by plant pictures in this thread and we can work through them one by one?
If its root bound, meaning you can see all the roots growing around the edge of the pot, or the plants foilage is becoming too much for the pot, it’s time to repot it. It’s okay not to know everything, taking care of plants is a journey, and you’ll learn a lot along the way. In terms of propagation, each plant is different, so which one is it that you want to prop?
@RJG @Donmakemechoose I was thinking the same! Need to see these babies!
1st - breathe! You’re plants look AMAZING! They are thriving because of YOU!
Start with picking up pots and soil. I like to use miracle grow (yellow bag) mixed with a few handfuls of perlite.

Pots should be ones that drain and no more than 2” bigger than what they are currently in. If you wait until they need watered to repot you can typically either pull the plant out or gently turn it upside down and catch the plant in your other hand. In most cases once you repot you will then water (with the exception of the snake, give that one 3-5 days to adjust before you water)
As for the monsteras I can’t speak to or miss piles as I don’t have any (yet) @Gordo, @sarahsalith, @KikiGoldblatt do you have anything to add?
@Donmakemechoose on moss poles they work wonderful. I have a potho on one. They work great on any plants 🌱 that like to vine out like that one did. I also have some pothos I have Bobby pinned to make them look fuller. They are the last two photos. I’ll post photos of how I bobby pinned them. I propagated a satin potho and I’ll post it next.
@Donmakemechoose on pothos make sure you Bobby pin the node into the dirt. I still have another one that’s still propping since the roots are not long enough yet. When it is I will add it to the plant.

I think just about everything has been covered that I can see.
@Shaubplantshack is 100% breathe. (: I'm so glad you have Greg. ☺️

Pictures and how long you've had each plant will be good.

You've got @RJG and @KikiGoldblatt and @Blananaba and Jamie and @PlantTherapy attention so just tag them in your comments so they'll see you. 💚

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