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Pink Princess Newbie

The white variegation on the leaf - is this where the pink forms OR should pink leaves be pink as soon as the leaf unfurls? Is this just a spot that will remain white? Hope this makes sense! #NewGrowth #help #Philodendron #Variegated #RarePlants
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
Never seen a pink princess with a white stripe but once a leaf is done it’s done it won’t change colors to pink sorry hun
I’m not sure but it’s possible. My mother plant does have white on her older leaves so I cut the last pink leave and propagated into two additional plants. They’ve all produced more pink and very little white. But the white from the older leaves remained white.
OMG Congratulations πŸŽ‰
I am so jealous. This is on my wishlist but a little out of my budget. I suggest you keep a picture diary and I would Love to see it again in a few months. 😊
It won’t turn pink! Mine has white and pink streaks too.
I am also jealous! Definitely on my list of must have! Gorgeous plant and yours looks great 😊