Posted 3w ago by @Leyleaves

Won an Austral Gem Fern but is this two different ferns?
I'm seeing two very different Foliage on two different stems. Is this two different ferns or is this just how this fern grows? If not what's the second one? #plantid #AustralGemFern #fernfriday #fernfriends
4ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
Best Answer
Look at the base of the fronds. Are there one or two rosettes? (austral gems are a bit like bird nest ferns and grow from a singular rosette)
It could that some of the stems are still growing and some are already grown. It might be 2 plants growing together or a completely different type of plant
@nataleaf First off your username is so clever! Secondly thank you. I'm such a fern n00b. It seems like there are a few rosettes in the pot but I think the different fronds are coming from the same rosette so I guess that gives me my answer! Thank you!

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