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Checked my tomatoes today and noticed some looked like th...

2” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
Give it some magnesium and calcium. Or a plant fertilizer that has both of those in it. When they don’t get enough it can cause issues.
I’ve been growing tomatoes for years and I’ve tried all kinds of stuff. Epsom salt, egg shells, liquid and pellet fertilizer. Horse/pig manure etc etc. sometimes this still does happen but definitely check to make sure it’s getting the basics. Miracle grow makes a shake n feed for vegetables and fruits as well as an organic for edible plants.
@KDkat3 so is it normal? Or is it sick like I can’t consume it?
@QueenCowpoison it isn’t sick it’s just misshapen most likely from lack of nutrients and will sometimes rot before it’s ripe. I have still eaten them if they ripen, I just chop the whole bottom off and eat the good part.
@QueenCowpoison Agreed with everything @KDkat3 said. I have used the miracle grow for edibles before and had good results. Only problem is it is a slow release pellet so not sure it will help you much at this point. I use it when I transplant my seedlings along with a bunch of other stuff like bone meal and blood meal etc along with some of the other things Kadie mentioned. The other thing that I have heard that causes the crazy shapes and the blossom end rot, is inconsistent watering. And that isn't necessarily on you. Where I'm at in MA we've had a crazy season so far as far as temps and rain go. So it's been pretty difficult to judge when and how much to water when I factor in the rain. The predicted thunderstorms could end up being a drizzle here and there or could end up being over 3" in an hour like the other day πŸ˜†πŸ€¦πŸ˜† But basically the wonky shape can be caused by getting a bunch of water at once and swelling up, and then not getting water causing the crevices if that makes sense? Also water has a big part in how the nutrients are rcvd. The soil nutrients might be fine, but if it can't be absorbed properly then you can end up with this same result too. It's all a learning adventure with plenty of curves thrown in there πŸ˜†
I've never used this particular product before, but have used something else from this brand. But I think your best bet this far into the season is try a liquid fertilizer. And if they haven't had any fertilizer in general yet, you probably should get one of those as liquid form also.

Here is the link to the one specifically for calcium and magnesium, and I know the same brand also has other liquids specifically for the different stages of growth etc
@WickedLush we use the fox farm fertilizer and soil, but these are just directly in the ground outside. I think inconsistent watering as mentioned above is more of the issue. I will definitely look into the product you shared though. I love that brand, my houseplants adore it too,
Good luck @QueenCowpoison !!! Keep us posted!!! And sometimes issues are just matter what we do 🀷🏼 I never had issues with blossom end rot, or anything for that matter, with my tomatoes...until last year. But it was only my San Marzano....which was in the same raised bed planter with 2 other types of tomatoes. So they all had the same soil, same fertilizers, same water. Luckily they only got it towards the end of ripening and weren't wonky looking so I still used them minus the bottom. Still not sure what their deal was 🀷🏼 But recently heard San Marzanos are particularly susceptible to it. But I had grown them for years without even getting one. So who knows πŸ˜†
I just used a powder fertilizer and with where I live in Paducah KY it’s just humid and the flies and other pests bother them so I sprinkled seven fertilizer on them and had no other issues also use warm water instead of cold so they don’t get shocked like you do when you jump in the pool. Also water before the sun comes up