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What are these brown spots on the leaves, should I cut th...

14” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I’m no expert on lemon trees, but I do have one and it could be mites, but I’m not totally sure. Whenever mine had knights, I ordered ladybugs off of Amazon. And it was back to normal, but that could be anything. I’m not too sure that’s just my experience.
Hey, that’s usually a sign of a fungus infection.
@Plant_luver you ordered ladybugs off Amazon?? Like live ones?
@PlantJedi what causes a fungal infection and how do you fix that? I’m troubleshooting my tree right now lol
All plants have fungi but sometimes if the soil gets untreated the fungi turns bad. Then silently tries to take over the plant. Most ppl think it’s watering issues but negative fungi looks the same as watering issues. It’s how they win.

neem oil & Peppermint...

Bonide Captain Jack's neem oil,...

I use both of these… The peppermint one as preventive maintenance and the other for immediate results. Only spray early in the morning when no direct rays are out or at night. neem oil with sun rays equal burned leaves. It settles pretty quickly.