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Have you thought about repotting plants in clear orchid pots?
I found that it is easier to check root health and moisture levels visually when potting in clear orchid pots and then placing them in cache/decorative pots. This helps me see the roots and the moisture before I water. I’ve recently started making the switch due to my anthurium collection and Gloriosum plants. I decided all of my indoor plants should have them after learning a visual made it easier than pulling the plant entirely. What do you think of that idea? Side note: Today, our FLF graduated to an 8 inch liner after discovering she was root-bound. #foodforthought #HappyPlants #healthyroots #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
I love the idea, but I can’t seem to get the clear pots to work with my plants. I’ve stuck to terracotta, and mostly likely always will, with the exception of some glazed pots (although I also have bad luck with those! 😩).

I also keep a journal about repotting, fertilizing and status on all my plants, so that’s how I keep progress! 🤗🪴
@kscape I usually size up in cache pots. If my clear liner is 8, the decorative pot is a 9 or 10. I definitely measure the liner’s width and height then decide from there.

Awesome on the journal! I love that you do that!
i’m thinking of doing this when i start getting more aroids!! my dream plant rn is the queen anthurium so if i ever get one they’ll likely be in an orchid pot :)
@FitSedum I have seen them. That’s a great idea. I ordered one the other day just for the orchid bark.
I do this! I bought a 9 pack a few months back and I’m down to my last one!! Now I’m deciding who will get a repot before I buy more! The only problem is they are a lot shorter/more shallow than normal nursery pots, so I really have to do some measuring/rearranging with the cache pots!

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