Posted 2w ago by @MischievousMoth

Leaf loss
Moons flowers have fell off, 3 leaves went yellow and detached and I can't get her roots green they just stay grey, what can I do? #leafdrop #planttherapy
12ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@MischievousMoth grey roots mean that’s it’s dying. Have you pulled it out of the planter to look at the roots at the bottom? They may still be green. If they are green it’s not dying. It’s still alive. Yellowing leaves means overwatering. The planter may have water retaining in the bottom, if it does then pour it out. I had to do that recently to one of mine.
@Sassylimey any ideas?
Can we see a picture of the roots?
Can't take it out the pot
The roots look good. But you need to get it out of that pot and make sure there is no spongy plug in the middle of those roots. I suggest take a stick and gently working whatever medium that poor baby is planted in and loosening it up to get that plant out. Pot her up in an orchid pot with orchid bark with a little sphagnum moss interspersed in the bark, give her a good soak, let her air dry too so she's not sitting with lots of water in the base of the orchid pot. I hope this makes sense, I learned this for my orchids from @MotherOfOrchids, maybe she can give you more insight. Happy growing πŸ₯°πŸŒ±πŸŒΏ
@Sassylimey this is phenomenal advice!
Thank you @RJG the credit really goes to the wonderful people on here, who have helped and taught me πŸ₯° I owe the credit to them 😍
I’ve always overwatered orchids until a friend told me to only give them Ice cubes. Seems to work a ton better for me.

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