Posted 2w ago by @Judybaps

Help! I accidentally showed my zebra plant watered! But I cannot un-do it! Please help! Tia
@Judybaps there is a undo button for watering. What device do you use. Android or Apple?
@KikiGoldblatt apple ios 15.5
@KikiGoldblatt same here. It used to be there. @RJG @martin @alex
Looking into it right now! Thanks
@Judybaps @KikiGoldblatt this should be fixed now. Thanks for tagging us — very helpful!!
Thx Everybody for all of your help! I have undone it but I am not sure of how to get to that again! The instructions I found, did not track…anyway I appreciate everyone’s help! @Alex, You are EVERYTHING!
@Judybaps happy to help. You can get to Undo by tapping on your plant, and then scrolling allll the way down. You should see Undo option in your Timeline.

Let us know if that doesn’t help and we can share screenshots etc

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