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White mold?
Hiya! So I repotted this pant a few days ago and there is a thin layer of white mold on the soil. What caused this? What shall I do? Thanks in advance! #Anthurium #NewPlantMom #help
12ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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High humidity and low airflow are the primary causes of white mold! If you’re overwatering, this can be the cause. It could also be that the soil does not have adequate draining, so it may be struggling with moisture issues.

I would take the plant, *gently* wash the roots with lukewarm water and repot in a well drained soil (potting mix and perlite/coco coir) and give your plant a few days to settle and dry out before your next watering.

Also, because it is mold and can essentially turn into a fungal infection, I would wash the pot thoroughly with hot water, isopropyl (no more than 70%) and dish soap to kill any remaining bacteria.
@FiercelyFree exactly what @kscape said.
@KikiGoldblatt and @kscape Thanks! This makes logical sense to me because when I repotted I didn’t feel the pot was large enough and I likely packed the soil too tight! I love this community! I can look all this up online but there is SO much info I get a bit lost…
Repotted (again). The soil around the roots was soooooo soaked and compact (I didn’t break it apart when I repotted the first time. Roots were still healthy thank goodness 😅 #BeginnerMistakes

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