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did I just murder my alocasia?

my black velvet had one droopy leaf after being on vacation for a few days. Greggers suggested top watering it but that didn’t help. Others suggested it was lacking sunlight so i put him AND my alocasia polly out in my patio in direct sunlight for about 1.5 hours and now they look horrible!! Is there any salvaging them? 😒😒😒 #HappyPlants #AlocasiaAddicts #Alocasia #AlocasiaPolly #alocasiablackvelvet
10ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
I wonder if it could be temperature shock if there’s a significant difference between inside and out. It looks stressed. For now, I’d let it rest and reaclimate to your home. Your plant card says 10 feet to light. I keep them mine within 3 feet and they love that. Too close or too much and they can get sunburn. But too far away and it won’t get the energy it needs to thrive. Also, what type of soil are you using? Alos need fast draining soil because they don’t like for their roots to be wet. Molly’s Aroid Mix is a good ready made mix. Or you can make your own mix. Lastly, Alos are heavy feeders. I feed with every or every other watering.
@Corinne thank you for the info! super helpful. What kind of plant food do you use for your Alos?
@NativeTigerfern you’re so welcome! I use Marphyl for my regular feedings, and for heavy fertilizing I use Fox Farm Grow Big. If I wasn’t using Marphyl for my frequent feedings I’d probably go with Fox Farm Big Bloom. This 4 pack is a good deal. Here’s the link for Marphyl
Just here to say I love the name Shadow Moon (Neil gaiman fan 😁)