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Hi, my cactus is dying and I don't know what to do :( I barely watering it so it can't be overwatered.
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
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I know you don’t think it’s overwatered but if you pot doesn’t have drainage I would still be worried about that. Cacti are gonna get unhappy if there is any water pooling. If you’re truly not overwatering in a pot without drainage it may also be getting insufficient water. Long story short I would repot w drainage
@RJG do you have any suggestions?
It's probably too little light. 8 ft from direct light is way too little for a cactus. They need full sun all day.
My thoughts would be, it’s watering issue, I had a cactus which exactly the same one you have survived in a non window room and hardly getting little artificial light from my room Bulb, yet it stayed alive for around 8 months, but the sign of lack of the sunlight was getting leggy and very thin tip was growing very long , and after a year and half she died due to lack of light.
This symptom I can see is rotting, as long as no light, you can cut the water to the minimum. Cactus thrive in dry soil, not in wet or moist soil
thank you all 😍 I'll try your ideas