Posted 1M ago by @VigilantMaitake

My palm along with my other plants are losing their dark green hue a bit of fading is happening and im wondering what may be causing this!
Have they been in the same soil for a long time?
@VigilantMaitake have you tried fertilizer and plant food? Since it’s fairly new. This is what I use. They worked amazingly well. I ordered my plant food from Happy Happy Houseplants. @jcPlantProper got me to using the plant food.

EDIT: Also make sure it doesn’t get direct sunlight it will burn the leaves. They light bright indirect sunlight. That might be your problem.
Make sure they aren’t getting TOO much light, and I suggest misting and wiping the leaves a few times a week. Can we see a close up of the leaves?
@VigilantMaitake oh yeah they do love humidity. I forgot to mention that. Thanks @jcPlantProper
I've had it exposed to more humidity and no direct sunlight! And the new growth is opening! I mist regularly and just wiped the leaves!

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