Posted 3M ago by @SapientKaramu

Hi everyone, I just bought my plant for Valentine’s Day a...

5” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Do you have a photo?
There’s a few but the one on the top left is brighter. I just got this and only watered it once so idk what I can do
@SapientKaramu Maybe too much light? I have 2 Peperomias and mine like indirect light. I don’t have the same exact one as yours, but suspect it might be a lighting though, I think it looks very pretty! 🪴💚
Ohhhh, I know… @BabeVila has this plant. Maybe she can give @SapientKaramu more feedback!
@SunnyPlants thanks for the tag. I just got mine a couple weeks ago so I’m not really sure if it’s a bad thing that the leaves are turning green… are they drooping at all? I find mine is thirstier than my other plants and it lets me know when it wants water by drooping lol. I would think as long as the plant still looks healthy and perky, and it’s just the leaves turning green, that it would be something to do with the light it’s receiving. Either too much or not enough. They like indirect light so if it’s in direct light, it should be moved. If it’s in a more shady spot, try a place with brighter but still indirect light.
I just looked at the plant card and it says it’s in direct sunlight, I’m willing to bet that is why the leaves are turning more green. Moving it so it can see the sun, but the sun can’t see it should do the trick 😊