Posted 2w ago by @LUVBUG90

Easter Lilly fake????
So I got this cactus about 8 months ago at home depot I'm wondering if it's fake because it's not growing this picture is when I first got it other then the fake flower that I spotted was glued on about 2 months ago so I took it off but this plant has still never grown what's up my puff
@RJG or @kscape might have some answers for you!?
Now that’s funny
It doesn't look fake to me. Probably just a super slow grower!
This is gonna sound odd but, maybe poke the green parts and if it’s somewhat hard and fleshy, it’s real! I agree with @RJG tho
Should I put it in a bigger pot like a 5 in instead of 4 in maybe it'll grow
@LUVBUG90 i think the pot is perfect for it, but unless you see roots coming out from the bottom, I wouldn’t repot :)

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