Posted 1w ago by @Morgan3300

What is this curled leaf trying to say?
Wondering what my pilea is indicating.
This looks like a possible case of overwatering or too much direct lighting, or both. Do you let it dry out between waterings?
@stryker49 I try to let it dry out between waterings, it doesn’t get too much light though
@Morgan3300 hmm. One of my pilea’s started to do this and I thought it was due to underwatering, but the leaves eventually turned yellow and it turned out to be from overwatering. Since it gets sufficient lighting, i would check for pests and then suggest then to let it dry out a little more just to tell better what the cause might be. When they first get new leaves they tend to be a little curly and flatten out, but I haven’t seen them that curled before.
@stryker49 yeah I’ve always noticed new leave aren’t flat but this particular leaf is questionable
@Morgan3300 is it just that one leaf?
@stryker49 all the new ones are kinda curled
@Morgan3300 hmmm. Yeah I’d suggest letting it dry out more to see if that helps

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