Posted 1M ago by @HorseCorn

Got this plant at Christmas…it’s dying!

I water on the exact schedule the app gave me. Same with fertilizer. It had a couple sad leaves the past few months and the last couple of weeks it has literally wilted before my eyes. What’s up?!
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It could be the water you’re using. If you’re using water with magnesium and chlorine (typical tap water) then it may be causing that other than that I’m not sure
Calathea are notoriously picky about water. Needs to be very pure. And the soil needs to drain well. Soggy soil for more than a day can really drag it down. Also cause problems like rot and attract pests. Dial back on the water, the reminders should be considered more of a guideline than a rule. But keep the humidity around the plant high if possible. Cut away the dead wilting parts and hopefully it will bounce back in a month or so.
It is definitly a problem with the soil and/or water. @AgaveSon has it right.
They don't really need much fertilizer either, and might react badly if they get too much or wrong nutrition.
I would probably consider repotting and checking the roots, and put it in a smaller pot with well-draining soil that also keeps some moisture. Don't water until the top inch is dry, and consider using rainwater or destilled if possible.
@SirPizzathyme I water with distilled water, so it should be pretty clean water. Thanks for your suggestion! 😃
@MockingJay it did degrade after I fertilized it, but I measured very carefully and know I didn’t over-fertilize. I thought it needed a small amount of direct sunlight but it also looks a little burned to me. We live in a VERY dry climate so the lack of humidity might also be hurting it. Thanks for your help!
@HorseCorn you might want to try to flush the soil to get rid of excess nutrients and mineral-built-up in the soil. Watch if the water that drains out is brown or foggy. Dry air is definitly not helping🙈 but usually you will first get dry tips, and not middle, if that is the main problem.
And yes, keep it out of direct sunlight, they burn easily! None of mine gets any direct sun😅