Posted 1Y ago by @AmusingSaguaro

Bottom leaves are brown
#DwarfBanana anyone know if this means too much water/not enough? Too much sun/not enough? I’ve watered about once a week and the soil is fully drying out. I’ve tried putting it in more direct sun and was worried it was drying it out too much.
6” pot
Last watered 7 months ago
I have a banana tree and it consistently sheds its lower leaves as it grows. I don't know where in the world you are, but winter is tough on banana trees.

I would give it bright light and don't let it dry out too much. You've got it in a nursery pot so it will allow the soil to drain and it will help retain moisture.

You can cut the dead leaves off and continue with its care.

When the temperature does not drop below 50°F, my banana tree lives outside on a southwest balcony. If you place it outside in to direct sun right away, it may just be attempting to acclimate to the light.
Mine needs more water than that. Like a lot more. You don’t need to let it get super dry.