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New cat!
I recently adopt a cat and I’m worried about the toxicity of the monstera for pets. He is very playful and I’ve catching him trying to climb on the pot and playing with the leaves. Any advice? I work outside so he is alone with the plant most of the day 🐱🪴 #Monstera #cats #catsandplants #PetsAndPlants
15” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
I spritz the cat if she goes near the plant. Or give her plenty of other toys
I have resorted to keep all plants away from cats by using plant stands or putting them on shelves the cats can’t get to. One monch out of one of those could land your pet in the er
That’s why I don’t have a Monstera, no matter how much I’d love one. I would relocate the Monstera out of reach of kitty for sure… 😥
Remember cats are climbers and will jump on the plant to get a bite.
This is why I don't have pets cause ALL my plants can get them SICK..BE CAREFUL WITH KITTY...

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