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How do you search since Greg was updated?? #gregappupdate
Oh my goodness this new format is making me nuts! I can’t find anything. How do I do a search?
There was a search feature???
@WickedValkyrie Wait, really? Was I already having to go to the web to search for a plant?
I never had a search feature... Unless you're talking about this?
I think there is a search version if you go to the desktop site for greg. I've never used it but I remember @RJG made a post about it a while back.
We've never had an official search function. Are you talking about the discover page?
@RJG I guess so. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t figured out how to find more information on time said I don’t own.
What do you mean "on time send"?

you can still get to the discover page by going to and we plan to reintegrate it in the future rebuilt from the ground up.
@RJG so sorry. Ever since I switched to iPhone, I have multiple problems with Greg. I don’t get any notifications and I can’t see the full text box when I comment, so I don’t have a way to proofread what I’ve written. 
*more information on plants I don’t own 
How did you used to search the plants you don't own before?