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Some repotting questions!
1) is an orchid pot suitable for the alocasia or would it give too much aeration/drying?
2) is a pebble tray sufficient humidity or do the alocasia need a humidifier to do well?
3) any idea what kind of fern this is, and does it look like it could be saved? Thanks in advance #PLANTMAFIA !πŸ–€ #NewPlants #Fern #AlocasiaAmazonica #Alocasia
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 hours ago
pebble trays don’t do much for humidity, it might be better to just get a humidifier ^^
I should also ask what soil mix does everyone prefer for their alocasia? I was thinking a Promix Tropical with extra bark and perlite added
@AggroResting For Alocasia if you want really big humongous leaves.
Coir, coco husk, orchid bark, pumice, perlite and lots of compost. Technic is to keep soil β€œconsistently” moist. No need for pebble tray and humidifier
And they are hungry plants so have to fertilize
@cjred thanks that hells a lot!
@cjred hope you dont mind a follow up question, what size pot should I put this guy in? Im estimating a 4-5”
@AggroResting if its root bound an inch more or 2 will do. They want their pot tight!
@cjred would an orcid pot be okay? Or is that going to dry it too much?
@AggroResting yep any pot will do but this dries faster

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