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Lots of browning tips
My Virginia blue fern was doing so well up until 2 months ago. It began browning at the tips but it wasn’t very noticeable and i thought that the problem was humidity. So i bought a new humidifier and I’ve had it on at all times for about a month and it’s really benefiting all of my plants however this one just kept getting worse and I’m not sure what to do anymore! #VirginiaBlueFern #Fern #brownedges
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Have you checked for pests? If no pests, I would try checking the soil and seeing how the roots look. You can try repotting it, giving it a thorough watering, putting it back in its nice sunny spot, and see how it goes
@catertots Yes I’ve checked for pests and thankfully there are none! And i did think the issue was i waited too long in between waterings so I’ve been watering this plant a bit more often and even that doesn’t seem to help
If changing the watering didn’t fix the issue I would check the roots
@catertots alright thanks, i’ll try that!

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