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What kind of plant do you think these leaves belong to?
It has been labeled as a golden Pothos. Would this be correct? The longer I have it the more changes I see in the coloring and pattern of variation. I always thought that the Golden was a more prominent yellow pattern. #happyplants #pothospack #jodisplace #greggang
Best Answer
Global green. It has darker green on the outer part of the leaves and lighter green towards the inner part.
@Stall54Jo it looks like a Golbal Green Pothos to me.
For sure the global green!! So pretty
I can confirm that this is a global green pothos β€” aka Epipremnum aureum β€˜Global Green’ πŸ™‚
Definitely a global green!
Definitely a global green 🌿✨
Thank everyone for your help. This started as a store floor find. She has really grown up.
@Stall54Jo that’s a gorgeous global green potho.
@Stall54Jo these leaves are so pretty. Your plant looks so good! Nice find!

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