Posted 1w ago by @indoorcat

my plant was somewhat eaten and destroyed by my cat. i cu...

hey Holly, sorry this happened to your plant πŸ’” honestly with the state it's in I'd try to grab a healthy part and try to propagate to save it! these root so very fast in water and they're fast growing too, so I definitely wouldn't say that all hope is lost!

in my experience, they're not fussy at all, so just cut it a little under a node (those ridges where leaves come from) and if there are any lower leaves do pinch them off as we don't want them to touch the water. Finally put your cutting in a little cup w filtered water and monitor its growth on a daily basis. I see there's some algae in the bottom of the cup, am I right in saying that? cause if so, I'd recommend changing the water cause the algae end up consuming the oxygen that's supposed to go to your plant 😭

Best of luck and keep us posted 🫢🏻 tag me when u have updates!
thanks so much! i’ll do that!