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What’s your favourite interesting fact / story to do with plants?
I’ve just shared on a post that if a plant dies despite your best attempt at looking after it, it’s because the plant has absorbed a curse that was put on you! 🍂

So, what’s your one of these? Are there any lines of poetry you apply to your plant care? Any things your grandparents used to say about gardening? Tips that you have heard through the grapevine? A fun fact you drop at parties about plants? 🌱🪴✨

I want to know them!

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I love this! I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say! When something dies on me, I recite the entirety of “nothing gold can stay” to make myself feel better. But while taking care of my plants, I send lots of “stay gold” vibes.
@MommaNature beautiful, I love this so much ✨🪴
looooonnnngggg comment ahead!!

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where,
I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I don’t know any other way of loving.”

i really, from the bottom of my heart, love my favorite plants, it probably seems like a concerning amount to non plant people lol. i grew up in an abusive home (i’m better now, and with my real family!! feeling so much better) so i have a lot of attachment issues. i always resisted getting attached to people, animals etc. bc that almost always ended with hurt and all sorts of bad feelings. for a long time i hated how sensitive i was, bc it messed things up for me even further and i can’t love ‘normally’.
but when i got into succulents it was a huge improvement to my mental health. i got to pour my love, however intense it was, into something that wouldn’t think of it as too much. and i know it’s weird to anthropomorphize plants but when i name them and they grow well for me, i feel like they’re saying ‘thanks mom, we love you!’ and it makes my heart so so full <3 moving back into my family’s house and having them + my plants love me as i am made me feel complete for the first time in my life and i’m so thankful to be free now :)
@strawberrymoon this made me tear up in the most wonderful way. I’m so happy you have found your home and a path of happiness in life. I relate to this in so many ways and I am just truly happy for you.
@Amyrosecessna thank you so much!! <3
i’m honestly still getting used to this better life haha, the smallest things make me tear up bc i never expected the world could be so kind. i’m sorry you had to go through something like what i did- absolutely nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially by the people who are supposed to be there for them the most. i sincerely hope that you’re doing better now and are with people who know how to recognize and appreciate your worth !! <3
@strawberrymoon I am in a much better place these days and working hard for even better things. My plants have also helped me get there. My both our futures be even bigger and brighter!
@Amyrosecessna i’m so glad to hear that!!! wishing that you can achieve what you’re working towards, and that your plants can grow even bigger and prettier ^^ you’re doing great and i’m glad we got to talk to each other, it’s really encouraging to know that others like me are healing too <3
@strawberrymoon this is amazing. I love this. I am so so happy you’ve found strength and solace in plants. I’ve had a very similar experience, abuse and mental health issues following me throughout my teenage years, and leaving me with BPD. But, since really really trying with my plants, it’s improved my relationship with myself too, your idea of them saying, “thanks mama, we love you!” Is exactly it! I wouldn’t be bothered to look after myself, but knowing I’ve got plants to water and photos to take of my plants now has given me a whole new lease of life.
I love Greg so much. This community isn’t scared to share hardships - whether it’s personal stories or plant “failure”, we’re here with the same goal in mind of “look after the plants and the rest will look after itself” 🌱🪴✨
@Nallon same!! i’m terrible at caring for myself bc i have 0 self esteem lol. i previously had very bad issues with waking up bc i just couldn’t find a reason to- now that i have plant kids, i always wake up before 9 so i can open the blinds and let them enjoy some sun. and my gallery is probably 1/3 plant pics by now 🤧🤧
and same! i love that greg is so open- everyone’s learning while having fun and there’s 0 toxicity. this community is the friend group ive always wanted honestly, i feel like i belong here and everyone’s so welcoming even if i’m gone for a couple of days <3
My grandmother always says “Holly protects the house” so anywhere I go if I see there’s holly bushes I immediately feel safe
I 💚 you, @strawberrymoon! Thank you @Nallon for posting! And thank you @MommaNature for sharing. ☺️ I hate social media but #ilovegreg!
Here's my two cents:

God has saved me from drinking. Instead of spending my time in depression and trying to hide my feelings and keep my head down with alcohol, I stopped drinking. I bought another plant. And then I bought another plant.

I've always had plants in my life, but not drinking any more has made me present: in the HERE... with a few more green friends.

I'll probably never tell the person who hurts me the most that when he does, I go out and get another plant. 🤫 Sometimes, the hurt has been great and sometimes the hurt is bearable.

But as each plant grows hope and forgiveness grows as well.
#SOBER 813 days
@strawberrymoon You have so much love to give. That is a blessing. I could feel it from you in your posts somehow. You have the type of personality that makes people immediately want to be in your light! Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so happy for you that you are on this healing journey.
@sarahsalith this is AMAZING!
@sarahsalith Congratulations on day 813! Your last line really got me. “as each plant grows hope and forgiveness grows as well”. Beautiful and powerful.
#beautifullyimperfect My tattoo is an X-ray of a rose with the words “beautifully imperfect”, shortened from “Nothing in nature is perfect, everything in nature is beautiful.”

When you see a flower, you look at it and say, what a pretty flower. You don’t notice the broken petal, the spots, the imperfections. You only see it’s beauty. The X-ray is because our beauty truly comes from inside, from our hearts, from our kindness. So when you worry about how you look to others, think about that flower. We are all so hard on ourselves. But we are all beautifully imperfect.

One day I want to invent a mirror 🪞 that reflects back the way those who love us see us, so we can all see our own beauty. 💚
@sarahsalith congratulations 813!! All of you posting this morning @strawberrymoon @Amyrosecessna @Nallon are strong and brave. To find your way through your hardships and share with others so they might see a way warms my heart. It’s tears up my heart that any of you had to endure these things. ❤️‍🩹💔❤️💚🪴
@Hypsie beautifully said 💖
🎶 Every morning I sing this to my plants: You Are So Beautiful
I’m not going to lie. I read through this. Cried. Wrote and deleted numerous responses. Cried some more. Your words (clearly) hit home 😆❤️ + though I don’t know most of you really, I feel I do and I love you for it.
This community is magical + the honest vulnerable strength and love in this post are tangible. 💖🪴
Thank you ALL so much for sharing @sarahsalith @Nallon @strawberrymoon @Hypsie @strawberrymoon @Amyrosecessna @MommaNature @MariansOasis
@motherofplants I feel the same way 💚
@sarahsalith i love you too sara!! <3 and i’m so so proud of you for recovering from drinking. it’s very hard to beat addictions- you’re very strong and your plants have a great role model <3
@Hypsie thank you so much 🥺 i love your tattoo- and you also give me the most beautiful vibes whenever i interact with you on here, you’re very wholesome and fun- but you also kinda remind me of a fairy, spreading light and showing us how great nature can be with pics of your cute pets and plants :)
@motherofplants 💯 a special little place in this world 🌎. Love of nature 🪴🍃💚
@sarahsalith this is amazing. I’m so proud of you! And thank you so much for sharing. I think those of us with any sort of hard past have found that pouring love in to plants is the best answer, we can pour the abundance of time and love we have in to something and it pays us back so kindly with plants.
Congratulations on everything, including that gorgeous plant collection 🌱
@Hypsie beautiful tattoo, beautiful words. Honestly, it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you through this app. I may be thousands of miles away but I feel like I know you and your plants even a little bit and that’s so wonderful, thank you for your comment and being you, Greg is a better place because of you! 💕🌱
You are all the reason why the world will always be a beautiful place. Your strength to share with this community how plants affect you, affect us all for the better is the ultimate analogy for optimism in life at a time when we all could use it- the power of nature and shared energy to lift us all. I am so grateful to the Greg community but this thread is by far the best part to date!!! ❤️ 🌱 🪴
@Nallon @Amyrosecessna @strawberrymoon you are all amazing, thank you for sharing it brought me to tears, I can relate, understand and sympathize. Two years ago I was diagnosed with CPTSD (at 70!) Years of abuse, abandonment, rejection etc., It's a journey, but my plants are my babies, each one is special, the information and help I have received here has been wonderful! It is so encouraging, knowing that others here are achieving healing and we can talk and share, helping one another through our plants, growing them and ourselves into blooming beauties 🌿🪷💞
@Lemonlaw I agree. This is my favorite thread!
@wildpurplechild the house I bought last November has a huge holly. Never cutting that down now!!!!
@sarahsalith go girl
@Hypsie no regrats
Ok so I’m just seeing this whole thread for the first time and am so relieved I’m not alone. Y’all are such beautiful flowers to ME and I appreciate how hard we can all geek out and show pride in our plant babes half the day. I have my own deep dark past and have had many a plant die so I’m being protected thankfully. I traumatically became a widow at age 34, 4 months after giving birth to my daughter. I started gardening again several months later and it was the first time in months my brain actually shut off and just focused on the soil. It was a major transition and I’m so grateful I now have my own property as a semi blank canvas to create something beautiful on.
@Sassylimey I seriously thought you were like 25
@Jilliebeanstalk There's nothing like dirt under my fingernails. It's cleansing.

I'm so sorry you've been through so much Jillian, but every step has formed you into the beautiful woman you are. I can't tell you how many times I sink into my plant room and find solace in the soil. I'm glad you're here.
@Jilliebeanstalk, WOW thank you!!! I love being told I look younger than my 72 years 🥰
I love Greg, everyone has found health and healing through our plants, this thread is amazing, the love that I have felt from this plant community has helped me so much, I never thought that plants and plant parents would have such a profound impact. There's something about gardening and houseplants that is healing. To me it's the living creations around us that give us a fresh breath of how beautiful God's creation is and how blessed we are! You are all loved and appreciated 😍💞🌿🌱🪴
@Jilliebeanstalk I can’t even imagine. I’m so sorry. I love that you ended your story on such a lovely note. A blank canvas to create something beautiful. So hopeful and positive. I also thought @Sassylimey was 25!
@Hypsie and @Jilliebeanstalk, I love you guys 🥰 you made my day!
Guys, we need a hashtag for this thread! It’s so inspiring. How about #SavedByPlants ?

My plant story..My youngest went off to college in August and made me go from single mom of 2, to empty nester. I had bought little succulents for her dorm, but she didn’t want them. I had Covid March 2020 which has left me with health issues and Post Covid Syndrome (Longhauler.) Now I walk with a cane and need a wheelchair at times. I had a mini-stroke this past May from Covid and my serious boyfriend of 2 yrs suddenly broke up with me a week later bc he couldn’t deal. Dodged that bullet.

I started my plant obsession after that. I went from 6 to 60 in 6months. Can’t stop won’t stop. Waking up to my plants gave me a sense of purpose which I greatly needed. Need. Making pots, planting, watering, sharing with you guys and seeing your posts, it’s all great therapy!

We all come from different age groups, different stories, even different parts of the globe! And we all relate. This is the positivity the world needs right now. Thanks you guys for being you!

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